Brit Rodriguez is known for her soulful, smoky voice that beautifully contrasts with the bright, colorful sound of her ukulele. As a musician, she is renowned for her lyrical content and melodic prowess. As a performer, audiences are captivated by her unique sense of humor and down to Earth personality. Influenced by late fifties R&B and nineties dance music, Brit is a hybrid of the raw, youthful energy of today and the great soul and folk divas of the past.

Brit began performing with her ukulele seven years ago, opening for punk bands and hip hop groups. After some time touring Southern and Northern California, she settled in Los Angeles to pursue a music career. It was in this time that she had the opportunity to play the Konsept Art + Music Festival, the Eclectic Music Festival, OC Weekly’s Artopia, and Make Music LA.  Brit was also the musician in residence, chosen by world renowned luthier Monica Esparza, for the OC Fair.

In 2014 she debuted her first demo, My Name Is Brit Rodriguez Please Listen To Me, showcasing only vocals and ukulele. It was with this demo that Brit was invited to New Zealand for a month long tour. She headlined the Geraldine Uke Fest, named one of the world’s top six ukulele festivals by Ukulele Magazine, and graced the stages of the Oamaru Opera House, the Hotel St. Moritz, and Kinloch Lodge, to name a few.

Back in Los Angeles, Brit developed a music program for the Ronald McDonald House with Team Ukulele, a charity she founded that supplies instruments and workshops to facilities in need. She is also the founder of Uke Jam L.A., a pop up strum along in the city, that started in the Acoustic room of the iconic Guitar Center Hollywood.

With the release of her first fully produced EP, How to Burn, and performances at numerous high profile venues like The Dresden, Vitellos, Belmond El Encanto, State Social House, and Disney’s California Adventure, Brit began work on a new, more intimate musical project. Under the support of her Patreon patrons and fans on social media, she released songs and videos independently on her blog.

On January 1, at midnight, Brit released her latest album, "The Little Song." Featuring ten tracks she recorded in her home studio, "The Little Song," mixes the sound of the ukulele, timpani, cello, and smooth harmonies. It is considered her best work as a folk-pop artist to date. 

Currently Brit resides in Los Angeles and is working on a new album.

Brit is sponsored by Godin GuitarsGuitarras Manuel Rodriguez & SonsBoulder Creek Guitars, and Aquila Strings.

Endorsements & Sponsorships

Aquila Corde Armoniche, Mar. 2015 to present

Guitarras Manuel Rodriguez, Jan. 2015 to present

Godin Guitars, Sep. 2014 to present

Guitar Center, Hollywood Feb.-Mar. 2014

Meadow Mushrooms New Zealand, Jul. 2014

Cottage Pantry Gallery, Jul. 2014

Woodi Ukulele, Jun.-Jul. 2014

Nalu Ukulele, Jun.-Jul. 2014

Boulder Creek Guitars, Jan. 2014 to present


Award of Excellence: Best Song Interpretation, Beatles Fest, Sep. 2015

Best of 2015: Los Angeles Wedding Entertainers,, Aug. 2015

#1 on Muzooka’s Hot Chart: Chapel Insomnia, Aug. 2015

#1 on Muzooka’s Hot Chart: Eighteen, Aug. 2015

Digital Media

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"The Ukulele and Soul Diva" Thumbtack Spotlight, Jan. 2015

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IMP Indie Mania, Aug. 2015 - present

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Pennine 235 Radio, Aug. 2015 - present

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Portland Radio Project, Aug. 2015 - present

OAR 105.4 Global Kids NZ, Jul. 25 2014

OAR 105.4 The OARsome Morning Show, Jul. 2 and Jul. 25 2014

ROCK 105.3 Loud & Local, Jun. 17 and Jun. 24 2012

Notable Events & Venues

The NAMM Show, Jan. 2016

Muzeo, Dec. 2015

Beatles Tribute Festival, Sep. 2015

Charter Yachts of Newport Beach, The Icon, Sep. 2015

OC Fair - Musician Residency, Jul. - Aug. 2015

Republic of Pie, Jul. 2015

Shutters on the Beach, Jun. 2015

Make Music Los Angeles, Jun. 2015:

Sunset Triangle Plaza

Palisades Park - Rose Garden

Made In Earth

Three Layers Coffeehouse, Jun. 2015

Azucena, Jun. 2015

Lincourt Vineyards, Jun. 2015

Belmond El Encanto, Jun. 2015

Hanna Park's Dolphin Plaza, May 2015

Silverlake Lounge, Apr. 2015

The Odd Market, Mar. 2014

State Social House, Feb. 2015

The NAMM Show-Godin Suite, Jan. 2015

The Dresden, Jan. 2015

Pacific Theater, Dec. 2014

Vitello's, Oct. 2014

Pasadena's ArtNight at the Central Library, Oct. 2014

Caro's Ridge Winery, Oct. 2014

Savor Santa Ana, Oct. 2014

New Zealand Tour, Jul. 2014:

Geraldine Ukulele Festival

Oamaru Opera House

Queenstown Ukulele Festival

Hotel St. Moritz

Dunedin Ukulele Festival

Kinloch Lodge

Black Sheep Fashion Show, Jun. 2014

Frida Cinema Spring Benefit, May 2014

OC Weekly's Artopia, Mar. 2014

Guitar Center - Ukulele Jam Los Angeles, Feb. to Mar. 2014

Laila Lupe Launch Party, Jan. 2014

Konsept Art & Music Festival, Dec. 2013 & 2014

Televised Ceremony for American Legion Post 772, Nov. 2013

Disney's California Adventure Theme Park, Nov. 2013

TRiP, Oct. 2013

Sherman Library & Gardens, Sep. 2013

Macy's Los Angeles - Musician Residency, Sep. to Nov. 2013


Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House, Dec. 2015- present

Fairview Developmental Center Fall Charity Concert, Oct. 2015

Ukulele Kids Club UK CD, Featured song: Damn Good Wife, Jul. 2015

Jack McGee's MMM Benefit Concert, Mar. 2015

Artists Give Back Benefit Concert, Nov. 2014

Survivor Girl Ukulele Band Project Benefit Concert, Nov. 2014

McKenzie Healthcare (New Zealand), Jul. 2014

VA Loma Linda Healthcare, Feb. 2014


“This long awaited breath of fresh air walked in the door of the music store in which I work in the form of Brit Rodriguez. Her shopping for an electric ukulele resulted in the most welcome surprise of a talented young lady whose voice and talent mesmerized and entertained
with only one song.”

— Arthur Hopkins, President of Harmonic Revolution

“Totally cute, talented, and has a voice that sounds like butter melting on hot pancakes”

— Ivonne Carley, Artist & Blogger at

“Brit is a refreshing change from the ordinary and her talent brightens every stage she performs on.”

— Keith Harrison, CEO/Founder of Tunii Corp.

“I gave Brit a listen and frankly, I’m impressed. She’s different and that’s the first thing I look for. I love the stark ukulele in the background—it lets her voice be the magic. I bought a few tracks and will include them on our app. “Damn Good Wife” is really special.”

— Val Haller, CEO/Founder of

Social Media Handles

Twitter: @brit_rodriguez

Facebook: @britrodriguez

Instagram: @britrdrgz

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