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Hello! my name is Brit rodriguez. you might know me from the ukulele community, or maybe you've seen me perform somewhere in California/florida/new zealand. it's a beautiful day is my latest project, and it's the one i'm most proud of. every song is like a hug after a deep cry. 

the title is something I say to myself every morning when I wake up. At that point it's less fact and more mantra. Whether it's storming or sunshine is peeking through my curtains, I can choose to make it a beautiful day. It's something I learned to do when I was feeling deeply sad. Over time, this small prayer started working more and more.

i wrote these songs for both children and adults, so that during times of sadness, anxiety, or fear, everyone can take a moment for themselves and hopefully feel a little better.

you can listen to the first single, the title track, below. and if you decide to keep scrolling, you can hear my rough drafts. they are the grainy recordings i make late in the night, and i believe they are just as important as the finished product.

if you would like to pre-order it's a beautiful day, you can leave me a $7 tip. I'll get your email address so when it's time, i can deliver the ep right to your inbox. 

thank you for reading, for listening, and supporting my music over the years.

be kind to yourself and to others. we all deserve to have a beautiful day.  



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i woke up today, saw the sunrise

i said, "good morning," when you opened your eyes

it's such a beautiful day,

everything will be okay

what a beautiful day in my life

everything is going alright

whether gloomy and rain, or it's light

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it's a beautiful day and i'm bright i'm bright

i'll go to sleep tonight

with the moon above

we'll dream together

as i dream i know i am loved

it was a beautiful day

tomorrow i'll be okay

what a beautiful night in my room

i'll be waking up real soon

while the stars fly across the sky

it's a beautiful night and i'm bright i'm bright

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i let my head rest on a pillow, let sleep come to me

i know that i can do anything, so i rest easy

maybe go to jupiter or visit the stars

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become a doctor and save someone's mother

i'm not very far

i'm flying high, you can't ever dream too much

i just need to try, my best is enough

i'm made up of all of the same things as the heroes i see

whether i am home or exploring i know that i'll succeed

maybe i'll be a race car driver

or make some art

write a novel or grab my bag and travel

i'm not afraid to start

everyone is good enough just the way they've come

it's more important to give love and focus on the fun

i'm flying high, i can never dream too big

i just need to try, we're all just kids

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From the day that I was born I’ve had this skin

It’s the color of my mother and my father

it's good for living in

Every freckle and every scar Though I may be proud

In the end they don’t mean so much My voice is way more loud

 My body can never be bad, Can only be good

It’s why I’m still breathing

My body can never bad, Can only be good

It’s why I’m still singing

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I have friends with differences, Yet we’re all the same

Some may not have what I have, Or it’s the other way

our bodies are good enough

We can laugh and we can love

It’s better to see inside, But still appreciate what we can’t hide

 Every single person on this earth Is worth something

And a body doesn’t tell you the price

So looking in the mirror should only ever tell you

that your body is good at whatever color or size

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sometimes it's hard being kind

If you give up too much, you don’t know what you’ll find

At the end of a tunnel, The bottom of a bottle

The friendships that you had, Now the memories make you sad

In your past there’s a stack Of shirts right off your back

Hands that come up empty, And words that got off track

Whether people mean to hurt you Or they’ve made a mistake

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Being kind is all you have Don’t let that slip away

Sometimes it’s hard being kind

If you’re soft or you’re gentle

The world will think you’re blind

To the sharpness of the edges that frame our hardest days

If you’re kind enough, you’ll still be tough In lots of other ways

You can listen, you can help, You know hearts were made to melt

Every stranger you encounter Has a smile on a shelf

And it won’t always be easy, Sometimes you’ll walk away

Wondering how someone can be so down, Without a nice word they can say

So sometimes it’s hard being kind

If you give up too much you don’t know what you’ll find

But I promise that it’s worth it, And behind the harm that’s dealt

You’ll find others just like you Who are kind and want to help

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you're not cursed, you're not broken

you're perfect the way you are

what you've been through and where you're going

getting there is the hardest part

but you can walk there, or you can crawl

there's plenty other people on their knees after all

you're not alone, just take it slow

and if you need to take a break and breathe, give that a go

we all feel pain, we're all the same

and sadness doesn't have an easy fix

we all feel pain, we're all the same


it's okay to take it slow and just exist

1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4

you are plenty, you are whole

the past is in the past, it doesn't need someone to hold

your arms are open, your heart is gold

your brain may tell you other things, i promise it doesn't always know

open up your windows, let the air wrap 'round your throat and coax all of the toxic words you hurt yourself with out

1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4


if there's food on my plate, i'm thankful for the crumbs

if water is offered to me, i'm thankful for a friend with a cup

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if there's a roof over my head, i'm thankful for the floor

if there's change in my pocket, i don't need anything more

most people don't have what i do

it's important to be thankful every morning

but most of all i'm thankful for you

when the sun comes up, i'm thankful for the heat

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and when a flower blooms, i'm thankful that it smells so sweet

when the bees come flying in, i'm thankful for the buzz

and when my dog comes running to join me, i'm thankful for his paws

               a chair to sit in

a desk to lean on

a pen to write with

a heart to make songs

a door to open

a road to walk down

a love to think of

a voice to shout out

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if i go out somewhere all on my own

i have to remind myself i'm doing a brave thing

if i'm in a jam and i ask someone for help

i have to remind myself i'm doing a brave thing

if i cut my hair or wear something i wouldn't normally wear

i have to remind myself i'm doing a brave thing

once i'm out the door, and I don't know which way or what for

i have to remind myself i'm doing a brave thing

'cause i am brave, i am bold

i am stronger than i think

i can do anything, young or old

'cause i am brave, i am bold

i only got one life to live in hand, i'll never choose to fold


if i give someone a compliment or two

i have to remind myself i'm doing a brave thing

if i'm in class and i don't know a soul in the room

i have to remind myself i'm doing a brave thing

if i go on a run or join new friends in something fun

i have to remind myself i'm doing a brave thing

if everyone thinks the same thing, and i say i don't and what i mean

 i have to remind myself i'm doing a brave thing

if i'm on my way, and i get scared of a big day

i only have to see that i have done brave things