It's A Beautiful Day Album

It's A Beautiful Day Album


each digital download contains: 

8 original children's songs 
3 covers 
7 bonus rough recordings 

a letter 
a lyric coloring book with self-care lists 
a fortune teller   


hello! you might know me from the ukulele community, or maybe you've seen me perform somewhere in california/florida/new zealand. 

it's a beautiful day is my latest project, and it's the one i'm most proud of. every song is like a hug after a deep cry. It’s homegrown, written from my bed as I recovered from a back injury. 

the title is something i say to myself every morning when i wake up. at that point it's less fact and more mantra. whether it's storming or sunshine is peeking through my curtains, i can choose to make it a beautiful day. it's something i learned to do when i was feeling sad. over time, this small prayer started working more and more. 

i wrote these songs for both children and adults, so that during times of sadness, anxiety, or fear, everyone can take a moment for themselves and hopefully inch their way towards healing. 

thanks for following me along this self-love journey. i hope you like the music.