Day 12

“You are okay”  is officially done. 

Started working on Thankful For Everything, and although it’s pretty much done as well, I think it might be a little too dark, sound wise. 

It’s such an odd feeling to be so close to finishing the album. I’m actually a little scared, to the point where I might keep going. 

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Day 11

Starting on “You Are Okay” today. 

for me, this is the most important song of the entire album.  

I hope that it helps someone because I’ve been really trying to let it help me. 

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Day 10

spent time recording with Jerome for a couple hours.

his instruments and his playing are equally beautiful. 

working on my other music helped me get inspired to continue my children’s album. 

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Day 9

Taking a short break from the studio, to focus on the other parts of the album. 

came up with a really fun idea that I think will help people—and that’s the point of it all, really. 

i forgot how good knitting feels. 

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Day 8

I took this photo before I left my “studio” at 1AM, right after completing a song.

In my head, each song is so much bigger than they’re ending up, but I’m forcing myself to keep things simple. 

That was the entire point of it all anyway, wasn’t it? 

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Day 7

Started recording the “rest” of the songs on the album; not sure how they’ll build up.

Also grabbing inspiration for the extras by going through my favorite stories. 

Four left, my friends. 

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Day 6

This night was spent at The Troubador in West Hollywood.

It’s good to get out and hear music that isn’t yours for several hours. 

Once I got home, I finally figured out how to record loud vocals, so the bonus cover for the album is done.  

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Day 5

Finishing up another day in the studio.

Listening to The Helpers through a huge speaker.

Figured out I can carry things in my overalls. Is this better than a fanny pack? 

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Day 4

First full day in the studio with the rug, change is huge.

Finished the second song on the album.

Cried when I heard it in the car.

But I'm crying throughout this entire process anyway, so no big deal.

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Day 3
IMG-9956 (1).JPG

Had to take photos so people know I'm alive.

Also got to show how much I love my Pono ukulele. 

Ordered these overalls and have almost exclusively worn them and my yoga pants, every single day. 

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Day 2

Studio dog enjoying his couch. 

One ear up to help with the mixing.

Trying to put as much fabric as possible in the studio to help with sound.

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Day 1

First night recording.

Realizing I'm probably gonna need a rug in here if I don't want the album to sound like I recorded it in a cavern.

Hello to eye bags and a pissed off face.

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