dear everyone,

it’s nice to meet you. my name is brit rodriguez. i like to make music for children and adults (you can hear my children’s album here). i play the ukulele and my friends at Pono and Godin help me out with that. i’ve played a lot of events, (you can book me here) but my favorite one was a ukulele festival where a ninety year old woman caught on fire and refused to leave because she wanted to keep playing.

there are a lot of occasions that require a professional bio (and if you want that, go here), but this is the place where you find out that my favorite time of day is when the sun rises and that i only buy yellow notebooks.

This is where i tell you that i care deeply about the lavender in front of my window because hummingbirds love to dart between the stalks. and that i love the sound of dirt crunching under my hiking boots. and i cry every time i read brad montague’s joyful rebellion.

this is the letter i write at seven o’clock on a wednesday night to let you know that i believe in kindness and bravery and saying hello to every dog you pass on the sidewalk.

and that i believe in making as much as you can with whatever you have. even when your nose is stuffy and maybe your heart is a little broken.

and now this is the part where the words stop because all i have left to tell you is thank you for reading and thank you for listening and thank you for being you at all moments but especially this one.

in the sincerest and purest form there is,

i love you,